Asha Austin plans to host Austin’s first Indian Community Talent Competition - "A Show of Hope in Austin". The word “Asha” means “Hope”
in Hindi and hence the name of our show.

Our mission with this event is to make more people aware of Asha’s work in India and Asha’s strong presence in Austin. We are hopeful that
by learning more about the ground realities of the poor children in India, more people will empathize with them and lend their support in
making a difference to their lives. 100% of the proceeds from this endeavor will be used for Asha supported projects in India.

“A Show of Hope in Austin” promises to be a colorful event showcasing a whole range of rich Indian culture. In keeping with the diversity
of the Indians, Asha has planned to have various categories under which people of all ages can showcase their talent and compete for the
ultimate prizes. In order to reach out to maximum number of people through their varied interests, we have numerous categories like Indian
Singing,Indian Dancing, Instrumental Music, Poetry Composition, Poetry Recitation, Inspirational Speech, Essay writing, Multimedia, Stand up
Comedy, Art, Poster Design and Dress Design.

There will be a preliminary round on July 28th where the finalists in each category will be decided.The number of participants and the quality
of the performances will determine which performances and categories ultimately make it to the finals. The finalists will go on to perform on
the day of the event where they’ll compete for the top spots in each category. The final show will be open to all to attend and tickets will be
sold for the same. Audience will have an opportunity to donate to Asha at the time of buying the tickets. We are also planning to request the
presence of a key Austin dignitary during the final event which will hopefully strengthen Asha position in Austin community.

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