Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: January 11, 2005
Venue: ETH Main Building, F33.1

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : Andre, Srinjoy, Greg, Santosh, Bikram, Sajid, Shyam, Zeena, Urs, Pramod, Patricia, Geetha.

Photography trip to India

  1. Andre (colleague of Vishwa) wants to photograph the working of Asha Zurich and possibly write articles about it in local news media. Asha Zurich suggested that it would be interested in photographs from its projects which could then be used to hold (say) an exhibition in Zurich, for publicity, and for articles in news media.
  2. Asha Zurich could chip in monetarily for events such as exhibitions, publicity etc. coming out of this trip. Sponsorship for trip expenses should be tried. Andre will work with Vishwa in this regard.

Tsunami efforts

  1. Asha has good infrastructure in Chennai and volunteers are working on the ground.
  2. Asha collection: 155,000 USD - Zurich 6000 CHF.
  3. Focus mainly on rehab.
  4. 2 schools + 1 orphanage funded by Asha affected (not Zurich).
  5. Asha Zurich: in touch with SEEDS, Indian Navy, Asha Chennai.
  6. Asha Zurich: sent tents to Andaman & Nicobar as part of emergency relief for INR 50,000.
  7. Asha Zurich has 3 projects under consideration: Red Cross Coimbatore (Review team: Pramod, Patricia), Give India (Santosh, Greg), DHAN (Chidu, Bikram).
  8. Review team members have been given executive decision making powers on choice and disbursement of Tsunami funds given the urgency and need for quick decision making.

Dhule Project

  1. Pramod has submitted the Dhule project to BASAID - an aid organization consisting of employees of Syngenta, Novartis, etc.
  2. Signed MoU from Dhule received.
  3. Santosh will transfer money ASAP - INR 1,50,000.


  1. Site visit by Vaibhav.
  2. Funds approved for next year, to be transferred immediately.
  3. Efforts will continue to improve 'quality/effectiveness' of intervention
  4. Vishwa will organize a conference call with Mrs. Bapat
  5. Since Mrs. Bapat said that they still need time for the PCMC project to reach its peak impact, Vishwa will get documentation about the PMC project so that Asha Zurich gets an idea about what to expect from the Akshardeep project.

Notes of Hope - 2005

  1. Sponsorship: Infosys, ICICI - possibility - Pramod, Bikram.
  2. Sponsorship: Cognizant - possibility - Chidu.
  3. Food stall - Santosh and Nitesh will finalize with Maharani.
  4. Tickets: CHF 40 (students: CHF 30), CHF 70 (two: CHF 125), and CHF 100.
  5. Decision to use ticketing company to be made early next week.