Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: July 6, 2004
Venue: F33.5 Hauptgebaeude ETH Zentrum

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : Chidu, Arvind, Saikumar, Vishwa

Review meeting issues:

  1. VA update (Saikumar): last installment of CHF 2200.00 sent on the 1st of July. Prosanta Ghosh to be called again and informed about it.
  2. Dhule project: Chidu has reinitiated contact after GBM. Asha Mumbai has agreed to find a volunteer to make a site visit. Chidu will put together an information set for the volunteer to read and familiarize himself with the project.
  3. Rappenkellers have to be bought
  4. Akshardeep update (Vishwa): The 9th and 10th classes have begun as per conversation with Mrs. Bapat. An updated report has been sent by Mrs. Bapat regarding the finances after their audit. Time has been sought until August to send the next installment and Mrs. Bapat is in agreement with this time frame. Decision about the details of the next installment has yet to be made. Vishwa will try and get all clarifications before calling a meeting to decide about the next installment.
  5. Sponsorship brochure for Notes of Hope '05 was discussed and suggestions made. Important: we should present ourselves as Asha Zurich and not as Asha for Education.
  6. Asha chapter in Geneva and Basel: Asha Zurich should help them set up chapters in all possible ways. The key volunteer should be invited for 2-3 meetings and should be encouraged to take the first steps in formally starting a chapter.