Asha Zurich Minutes


26th May, 2004


Anuj’s Residence

Minutes by: Arvind
Attendees :
Anuj, Arvind, Santosh



AIM: To discuss the progress of building the database which will serve to maintain financial details and to store info about Donors, members, volunteers etc. (Called PR).


Responsibilities : Anuj, Pramod, Santosh



The database shall be used to keep track of financial transactions and store names/addresses of donros, members, people interested in asha etc.


Status: A lot of effort has been put into designing the DB and to include the data. The essential data has been entered; a system to organize the DB has been eveloved with some more bits and pieces to be added. Thanks to Anuj, Pramod, Santosh for a great job. I guess Akhila and Jyoti(wife of Pramod) were involved in data entry. Thanks to them too.


1. Storing the DB

On the personal PC of Technical support(Anuj), Treasurer(Santosh), PR coordinator(Shyam). The data should not be on a public domain, and if it is on the public domain should be password protected. Since we dont have the means to put it on a website/datastore, we would place them on the PCs of the respective coordinators. This will also serve to keep backups( Swiss law requires storage of backup's at a minimum of 2 independent locations).


2. Synchronisation

Since the DB will be at two different places, it has to be sync'ed atleast once a month. This is the responsibility of the Treasurer and PR coord.


3. Level of accessibility

Treasurer, President - Read/Write access for the complete(PR+Finance) DB

PR coordinator- Read/Write access of the PR part of the DB

Secretary - Read access of the PR part of the DB

All others - should contact PR, if they need any service



Right now we will use a formatted excel as the front end. There will be no forms to access. And if there is a need, shall be looked into at a later date


5. Transferability

The DB shall be built in a way that it can be transferred to other chapters.


6. Documentation/Training of Personnel

This is vital for transferring the DB to other chapters and to train our own people. Santosh shall take care of the documentation and training of the personnel


7. Addition of disclaimer

The DB will include a disclaimer saying that "You are not supposed to misuse the info you handle"


8. Data deletion

Santosh had a opinion that in a DB data should never be deleted. Anuj suggested that we can have a flag, and when the accounts are being auditied, the auditor shall be given this info about what has been deleted, so that he can make a judgement.


9. For for Event accounting

Santosh will develop(already half way thru) a form in xls, which will be the standard form for filling out the accounts for events. This shall be available on the datastore and all event coordinators shall fill out this form to close their accounts. No more filing of other excel sheets.


10. Back-ups

Monthly backups of the sync'ed DB shall be made on CDs.

Hard copy back-ups will be made once in 6 months, in a prescribed format. This will be the responsibility of the secretary to file the hard-copy.


Timeline(Date - Task to be COMPLETED)

By 12 June - Basic structure

15 July - The inteface(formatted excel) shall be tested and mail merge facility will be added so that we can be able to mail zuriodhay using the DB; Train PR and Treasurer, President.

30 Aug - Implementing interface, testing, Documnetation

End Sept- Merging of the complete database; event accounting merging

End Dec- Ready for transferring to other Asha chapters.