Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: May 26, 2004
Venue: Cafeteria Polyterrasse

Minutes by: Sathya
Attendees : Chidu, Ravi, Arvind, Greg, Vishwa, Sajid, Santosh, Vikas, Amit (New)

- Arvind provided the status of Zuriyodhay prepartion - includes Sidamma Article - Europe conference - Last page was about Asha - One page for new projects - One page for completed/current projects - Financial Details are still expected from Santosh, Anuj and Pramod. - German Translation to be done by Patricia and Zeno - Getting ads for Zuriyodhay was discussed and later dropped as too short time and no required - Printing time was 2-3 days

Annual Report

    Arvind again provided the update on Annual Report - Waiting for feedback from Santosh on Financial Details - Article about VA will be put in there with the current status - Discusssion was on wether to put the current under review projects. But the idea was dropped. - Time frame before the end of next week - Annual Report will be released together with the Zuriyodhay at the GBM Annual report in addition will contain a detailed financial report, categorized and overall details. The picnic financials were yet to be sorted out In addition it was proposed that site visits need to be documented.

GBM Agenda

    Chidu initiated the discussion on the agenda for the GBM - Chidu mentioned the details needed to be proposed for the ratification of the statutes - As required by the steuramt of Zurich - Establishment of Advisory board is essential. The need for the ratification of this in the GBM was stressed. The discussion then turned on to defining job descriptions or task list for each post in the executive committee.. Ravi volunteered to list the tasks for each post and the responsibilities to be assumed. Sajid then proposed to head the new volunteer initiatives. Sajid suggested the food festival/India day style of events to attract new volunteers. Also, need for presence at Indian events was also stressed.