Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: June 22, 2004
Venue: Cafeteria Polyterrasse

Minutes by: Arvind
Attendees : Greg,Santosh, Vishwa, Arvind, Priyanka, Ravi


  1. A week of Indian prgrammes has been planned by the Kulturstelle,ETHZ - mid november (mon-sat). This event is mainly aimed at students and Kulturstelle might take up most of the spending. They are consulting InSAZ and Asha for the organisation of this event. Greg is the Asha representative in the event and Priyanka the InSAZ rep.
  2. One day has been allotted for Asha probably a tuesday.
  3. Some brainstorming was done for what can Asha do on this event. organisation of an indian exhibition. Stalls: Asha Zurich, Food, Yoga, Sculptures(Rietberg?), Travel, Clothes, Rings, Zoo, Mehndi, Calligraphy etc.
  4. For Asha Stall: Posters, Movies, Mechandise, Photo Exhibition(Dharmendra?), Rappen Keller, Classical music?. We need more ideas to attract people to Asha stall.
  5. On Saturday a desi disco event is planned. We discussed how to organize it. Issue under discussion. Greg will get back with the info.


  1. Some changes to the operating guidelines were discussed. Ravi will implement the changes and send it around.
  2. A template for the agenda for monthly meetings was discussed. Refer to the guidlines for details
  3. Vishwa and Pramod will prepare the part on project selection and review. They will send it to Ravi, who will integrate it with the rest of the guidlines.
  4. The guidelines prepared by ravi is exhaustive, but slowly systems have to be introduced

New Volunteers

  1. Discussions were on "How to integrate new volunteer?". A methodology has been proposed
  2. As soon as a new volunteer registers or shows interest in volunteering, a email shall be sent to commies. If any commie is willing to meet the new volunteer; these two people would be put in touch and they would meet- where a brief intro about Asha would be given. The new volunteer would then be invited to the meetings and we can see in which areas he/she wants to work. Based on his/her interest and retuirements, a suitable responsibility could be alloted.
  3. SAntosh stressed the point that in the past there have been examples where people had shown interest to be volunteers but Asha could not take the advantage since it did not find the right task. Once given the right task, they have been active volunteers.
  4. In an earlier meting, it was felt that the web site has to be re-organized. Inputs are needed for this. Greg along with Richie Munch Jindal will work on the new website.
  5. In the GBM, Neha maheshwari volunteered to do some design for the Asha publicity material. An active asha volunteer (Pramod?) will work with her to come up with this standard publicity material.


  1. Santosh will update the organisation chart.
  2. Vishwa along with shyam will mail Zuriodhay and annual report to members.