Asha Zurich Minutes


22nd February, 2004


Hoehenring 8, 8052 Zurich

Minutes by: Santosh
Attendees :
Sathya, Chidu, Vishwa, Priyanka, Shyam, Santosh


Notes of Hope 2004


  • Offers from Trilok Gurtu group and Prasanna group were discussed. The offer from Prasanna group was agreed to be more attractive. It was decided to work with London/Eindhoven chapters to organize a joint concert. Chidu took the responsibility to contact these groups. 
  • The location for the concert was discussed and it was decided to book a hall which can host 350-500 persons. The cost for the hall booking was estimated at 2000-2500 CHF. Music Hochschule was considered as one possible place. Vishwa took the responsibility to book the hall.
  • Chidu suggested making Notes of hope as a biannual affair.



Asha Europe Conference


  • Sathya/Vishwa updated with the progress. The conference will be organized in the Irchel campus. Vishwa informed that Insaz has agreed to donate 750 CHF for the conference.  The registration fee for the conference was fixed for 40 CHF.





  • A concern about declining income in CAYH program was raised.



Annual report for 2003


  • It was decided that Arvind/Vikas will prepare the Annual report for the year 2003. Pramod/Santosh will provide required financial statements.



Asha Meeting


  • It was suggested that the future Asha meeting should be announced in the common mailing list.





  • HELP: Sathya presented a brief summary about HELP project. The project aims at bringing children of sex workers in mainstream. It was decided to work with Asha Bangalore/Hydrabad in this project. Asha Zurich will help in better formulation of the project.


  • Dhule: Chidu informed about progress in appraisal of the Dhule project. He has established a contact with the local NGO. 



Recruiting New Members


  • It was decided that everyone will try to engage new volunteers. Shyam will work with Kavita for a project monitoring. Santosh will work with Anuj