Asha Zurich Minutes


18th January, 2004


Hagenholzstrasse 47

Minutes by: Vikas
Attendees : Vishwa, Santosh, Chidu, Vikas, Pramod, Sathya, Shyam.

Akshardeep Site Visit Report (by Vishwa)


Parivaar Project (Vikas)


Manavi Project (Santosh)

·        The contacts with the management need to be established. The detailed project report with break up of all the financial needs is required.

·        Santosh will make sure with the management of the project that there should not be any conflict of interest with other partners of the project; if at all the project is being taken up.


Help Project (Sathya)

·        It was felt that the project could make the direct impact on the needy people.

·        The detailed project report and the financial needs are awaited.


Dhule Project (Chidu)

·        As the project s targeting the tribal people, so the project can be of immense importance and potential.

·        Further clarification of credentials and goals of the managements are really required.

·        Asha Pune can also be involved in the project for teacher’s training.


Vivekananda Ashram Project (Chidu)


HPC Concert


Account Audit



CAYH concerns



Asha Europe Conference

·        Sathya and Vishwa are joint coordinators for the conference. The event is being thought for to be carried out in a Gruppenhouse during the last week end of April. The event will be informal with no involvement of the embassy.

·        Everyone was requested to send the comments or ideas in this regard. It was also recommended to join Hope Europe mailing list.

·        Sathya and Pramod will work out putting the registration page in the web site.


Future Concert

·        The heat is on to decide quickly about the artist and hall to get big sponsorships. The artist list would be sent to Mr. Gururaj. Vikas and Shyam were given the task of booking the hall for approximately 500-600 people for the last week of October or first week of November.



·        Facility of payment by credit card will be initiated on the web site. Santosh and Chidu will look into it.

·        There was a concern of how to bring in new people for the long run sustenance. It was felt that new donors has not been included in the mailing list, which needs to be done. Apart form sending the regular mails, personal efforts are also important. Somehow, the bigger level of publicity is also needed.

·        Next meeting is going to be either on 21st or 23rd of this month. The venue and time will be announced soon.

·        Light and Dream project will be discussed online (Vikas).


Task list by person: