Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: June 17, 2004 (?)
Venue: Cafeteria Polyterrasse

Minutes by: Santosh
Attendees : Chidu, Sathya, Kavitha, Shyam, Vishwa, Santosh.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss planning for the NOH2004 and get feedback about HELP project.

Notes of Hope 2005 task list

  1. Santosh will prepare the cover letter and send it to Patricia for German translation.
  2. Sathya will get in touch with Patricia about the event writeup.
  3. Priyanka will prepare a writeup on Artist.
  4. Santosh will find out about insurence.
  5. Pramod will contact and other org. to find out rates for out sourcing ticket sales for the event.
  6. Regarding the sponsership for the event, Vishwa will coordinate the effort of ASHA to get more sponsership for NOH2004.
  7. The amount for the sponsership was fixed as follows:
    Event Sponser: 10000CHF
    Co-sponser: 4000 CHF
    one-page Ad: 500 CHF
    half-page Ad: 300 CHF
    Banner: 200 CHF
    Internet Aid: 200 CHF (for a period of 3 months)

HELP project
Sathya gave an overview of HELP project. This project target a particular tribe in Andhra, in which prostitution is accepted as most important source of money. The goal is to rescue the children of prostitutes and provide them other oppertunities. As the project is big and will reqire careful planning and management, ASHA's capability to manage this project was discussed. It was decided that Sathya will form a small sub-group to discuss the project. He will give a feasibility report in next one-two months.

Regular meetings
Finally, the issue of fixed monthly meeting for ASHA Zurich was discussed. It was decided that on the first Tuesday of every month, ASHA meeting will be organized. Vishwa will arrange a fixed place for the meeting.