Asha Zurich Minutes


15th March, 2004


Polyteraase Càfeteria

Minutes by: Vikas
Attendees :
Kavitha, Chidu, Savitha, Sajid, Shyam, Sandipan, Vishwa, Vikas, Anuj, Kavita, Ravi, Pramod, Jyoti, Santosh and Arvind


Notes of Hope Concert 2004


  • Vishwa is going to reserve the Musikschule for the last week end of November.
  • Chidu is working with Asha Eindhoven, Asha London and possibly Asha Münich for Prasanna and Wooten concerts. Srinivas concert is another option.
  • ICCR response is still awaited.
  • Savitha can help in delibrations with Prasanna.



Asha Europe Conference


  • Vishwa updated with the progress. The conference will be organized in the Irchel campus on 24th and 25th of April. Sathya and Vishwa will work on finetuning the agenda, activity list etc. by this week end and accordingly volunteers help will be sought.
  • A decision needs to be taken about sponsoring partial expenses of Sidamma’s visit.
  • Sponsorships from some hotel or restaurant can be asked for.



Manavi Project (Anuj/Santosh)


  • Organisation of the report with more emphasis on basic education needs to be taken care for.
  • Site visit is required.
  • More information will be collected for further discussions.



Dhule Project (Chidu/Kavita)


  • It was felt that the response from Father Godfrey is quite quick. A site visit can be thought for. Some pictures will be asked form the earlier site visitor.
  • It is still not clear that the money will be managed by Father Godfrey or some organization.
  • Sajid and Sandipan will further read about the project files in detail.



Sooteim Project (Shyam)


  • The budget looks to be quite inflated, but the vision of the project is also not clear. Needs further scrutiny.
  • Background of children, site details, plan of imparting the basic education and other informations are needed.



Parivaar and Dream Projects (Vikas)


  • Parivaar site visit report has been received. The report has a positive response and necessitates the need of taking a quick decision on Parivaar as the academic year is about to begin. A small meeting would be held next week. 
  • As decided in the last meeting about project Dream, the items decided not to be funded were communicated to the Asha Chennai project contact. Further information is awaited.



VA project (Chidu)


  • VA authorities have received the money. The work on the building is going on.


Miscellaneous decisions/assignments

1.  Database/web: Anuj

2.  CAYH: Jyoti

3.  Donor relations: Vikas/Shyam

4.  Tax: Pramod

5.  Zuriodhay: Arvind

6.  Annual Report: Arvind/Gregory

7.  Meeting room reservation: Vishwa

8.  Reppen Keller needs to be bought for ZIS.