Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: June 15, 2004
Venue: Cafeteria Polyterrasse

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : Pijus, Saikumar, Chidu, Arvind, Santosh

Vivekananda Ashram

  1. The last installment amounting to approximately INR 68,000. Pijus will call up VA immediately after the transfer is executed by Santosh.
  2. Financial accountability from our side: we have to collect bills accounting for atleast 70% of the project budget. Saikumar will calculate the total of the bills received and report.
  3. A site visit has to be organized as soon as possible. Saikumar will contact Asha Kolkata to see if they can do it. The checklist that was created earlier must be used for the site visit.
  4. Chidu and Saikumar will work on getting control of the project page at The site has to be thoroughly updated. Saikumar has agreed to do this.
  5. All the documents pertaining to the project will be uploaded by Saikumar onto Datastore. Especially the signed letter from VA they agree to use the building only for conducting classes.
  6. Preparation of final project report by Saikumar, Pijus; deadline August 15, 2004.
  7. The items to be included in the report: Timeline of construction with photographs, Financial details, Increase in budget - reasons etc., Site visit reports, Pictures, Report from VA.
  8. Pijus will convey to VA that we need a detailed report from them and a final set of photographs after the construction and finishing is completed.
  9. A letter stating the total amount received by VA will be sent to them as a certification of the same. VA should sign this letter and return to Asha Zurich.
  10. Pijus mentioned that he will make a site visit everytime he visits India. It was stressed that such visits should be 'surprise visits'. Pijus will next visit in January 2005.
  11. Dipanjan Banerjee will make a site visit in November-December period.