Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: June 12, 2004
Venue: ETH HG F33.5

Minutes by: Vikas Mittal
Attendees : Shyam Nyati, Vikas Mittal, Vishweshwara Herle, Kavita Roongta, Sathya Krishnamurthy, Sheila Mani, Neha Maheshwari, Kornel Ringli, R. Ganesh, Gregory de Souza, S. Swaminathan, Arvind Rajendran, Pramod Prasanth, Nitesh Gandhi, Sajid Hussein, Santosh Ansumali, N. Mathimaran, Patricia Kübel-Sorger, Manisha Dadlani, Sushant Longani, Anuj Tandon, Priyanka Belawat, Chidambaram Narayanan

General Body Meeting - 2004

  1. Chidu presented the agenda of the meeting and the organisational set up of Asha Zurich stressing the need of new volunteers.
  2. Vikas briefly reviewed the activities of Asha Zurich in the last year.
  3. Pramod presented the financial details.
  4. Arvind informed the attendees about the release of the annual report of Asha Zurich for the year 2003.
  5. Greg informed about the release of Asha Newsletter Zuriodhay's second issue.
  6. Kavita presented her views as auditor of financial assets of Asha Zurich. She expressed full satisfaction over the accounts.
  7. Chidu initiated the discussions over the ratification of minor changes in the statutes suggested by Steuramt, Zurich. The changes after short discussions and a few suggestions were accepted unanimously.
  8. Setting up of advisory board was also discussed. The proposal of the board and its duties was also unanimously accepted by the present members.
  9. Priyanka updated the Vivekananda project. The project is now in the final stage of its completion.
  10. Vishwa gave an update of the Akshardeep project. The second installment to the project needs to be sent now; otherwise the project is running well.
  11. Sajid briefed the projects under review.
  12. Vikas gave an introduction to the Parivaar project, recently accepted for funding by Asha Zurich.
  13. Kavita undertook the election procedure. Santosh Ansumali and Chidambaram Narayanan were elected as President and General Secretary respectively. Kavita was elected as Treasurer, whereas Vishwa and Vikas were elected as Project Coordinators.
  14. Chidu in the end thanked all the participants and Santosh presented an outlook of the activities for the coming year.