Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: June 12, 2004
Venue: Room F33.5, HG ETH Zentrum

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : See minutes of GBM 2004.
These are the minutes of the discussion that took place at the end of the GBM.

Open forum discussion

  1. Introductions. First time attendees were, Neha, Ganesh, Swaminathan, Sushant, Matimaran, Patricia, and Manisha.
  2. Priyanka raised the point that since the total project disbursements are projected to increase, how does Asha Zurich plan to bring in more funds. Chidu replied that apart from the Notes of Hope event, the best way would be to increase the participation in CAYH.
  3. The issue of reduction in Rappenkeller contribution was discussed. The fact that avenues for setting up an Asha Desk at various events is no longer being pursued effectively was brought out. The task of buying Rappenkellers to be placed at different places has not yet been implemented. Nitesh said that since he is in the committee of Indian Association Zurich it should be in principle possible to have Asha Desks at the IAZ events. Priyanka volunteered to be the 'Asha Desk' volunteer/coordinator.
  4. Neha wanted to know if Asha Zurich had a good relationship with Museum Rietberg. She also pointed out the event being organized by Stadt Zurich with Museum Rietberg called 'Hindus in Zurich' in November 2004.
  5. Gregory stressed that since Asha Zurich is not organizing a big event like Notes of Hope, it should focus on bringing in new volunteers.
  6. Nitesh mentioned Zuerifaescht as a possible publicity event. However this possibility needs to be explored further.
  7. Arvind mentioned that Asha Zurich should be absolutely serious about having regular monthly meetings. The venue/time information should be available at the website. Each meeting should start with a small introduction if there are new members.
  8. Gregory volunteered to be the new volunteer coordinator. The task will be introduce new volunteers to the way Asha Zurich works, etc.
  9. Neha volunteered to help in creating 'general' publicity material. Pamphlets and brochures that explain the basic 'permanent' features of Asha Zurich that can be used by (say) the new volunteer coordinator.