Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: August 11, 2004
Venue: ETH Polyterrasse

Minutes by: Chidu, Vishwa
Attendees: Neha, Vikas, Chidu, Vishwa and Santosh


  1. Vishwa briefed about the recent happening in Akshardeep.
  2. All the 10 classes are now running in the PCMC area.
  3. According to their last communication, they have a surplus of Rs. 20,000 from the first instalment.
  4. Vishwa will ask Mrs. Bapat about this surplus money and it was decided to send the second instalment after hearing from Mrs. Bapat.


  1. The idea of sending the personal donations (gifts) was rejected in the meeting.
  2. It was decided to start sending money, at least the first instalment of Parivaar to Asha India as planned earlier when we started with the project.
  3. Vikas will find out the responsible person in Asha India who will be responsible to inform us about the activities and bank transactions.
  4. It was concluded that MoU with Parivaar can't be signed. (unsigned MoU).
  5. Asha Zurich should ask Vinayak to start the procedure of applying for a temporary (project-based) FCRA.