Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: June 8, 2004
Venue: ETH Cafeteria Polyterrasse

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : Vishwa, Sajid, Chidu, Vikas, Shyam, Gregory, Santosh, Arvind.

Tasks for GBM

  1. Chidu will arrange for a Beamer.
  2. Shyam will bring his laptop and also collect presentations from everybody in the meanwhile.
  3. Santosh and Sajid will coordinate buying snacks for the GBM.
  4. Chidu will ask Priyanka if she will do a presentation on Vivekananda Ashram instead of Saikumar who has not responded to repeated requests.
  5. Zuriodhay: Draft version should be read by a few volunteers and comments are to be given to Gregory. Gregory will print atleast 30 copies (Rechenzentrum) for the GBM.
  6. Annual report: A few volunteers should read and pass on comments to Arvind. Arvind will handle printing and bring atleast 30 copies to the GBM.
  7. Sajid will mark out Parivaar as a project approved for funding in this presentation of all projects under review.
  8. Chidu will discuss with Kavita on how to conduct the Elections.
  9. Chidu should discuss new volunteer issues and issues regarding administrative systems being built in the introduction.
  10. The modifications to the proposal for the creation of the Advisory Board were discussed. It was felt that the size should be limited to 3 and not extended to 5 as suggested by Santosh. However, the possibility of having an experienced ASHA volunteer (no longer very active in day to day affairs) in the Advisory Board will be included.
  11. It was felt that the clause mentioned by Sathya that the members of AB should not use Asha Zurich for personal/corporate needs should not be added to the amendment but infact should be added to the Statutes or Guidelines of Asha Zurich as being uniformly valid for all members/volunteers involved with Asha.
  12. Chidu will modify the proposal accordingly and send it to
  13. Santosh initiated a discussion on the usage of events profits for seeding new events with full liability. As the case of Notes of Hope 2005 where CHF 3000 was borrowed from the profits of NoH 2003 to book the venue. Although not perceived to be in conflict with the 0% overhead claim it was felt that things should be put down in writing in the Asha Zurich Guidelines (under production) so that no uncertainty exists in policy.
  14. Vishwa will stick directions to the GBM venue.
  15. Everybody will meet there at 13:00 hrs.