Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: September 7, 2004
Venue: ETH HG F33.1

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : Greg, Arvind, Chidu, Saikumar, Vishwa, Santosh, Mathimaran, Navreet (new volunteer)

Income for the current year has fallen. The means to bring it back up were discussed.

  1. Events: Focus all efforts for the India Week and work out a deal so that we can make around 2000 CHF from this event.
  2. Asha Desk has been revived, but we have to make sure we attend as many events as possible. The material for Asha Desk would be concentrated at the different campuses: Saikumar ETH Hoenggerberg, Priyanka Uni Irchel, and Vishwa ETH Zentrum.
  3. CAYH: participation has to be increased. Chidu volunteered to become the CAYH coordinator. It was suggested that Sajid and Neha could also be CAYH volunteers.

Notes of Hope 2005

  1. Answers on sponsorship attempts have to reach Vishwa by the 15th of October.
  2. The negotiations regarding food stalls have to be done with Volkshaus. Chidu and Arvind will do that so that Shyam and Santosh can discuss this with the Restaurants.
  3. German translation of brochure and letter - Sathya.
  4. Chidu has 20 copies of the sponsorship brochure and covering letter.


  1. INR 1,35,000 was sent to Akshardeep as the second instalment.
  2. Vishwa informed about a joint workshop being conducted by Swadhar and Asha Sanctuary group in December in Pune.

Vivekananda Ashram

  1. Construction should be fully completed by the middle of September
  2. Final report will be submitted at the next monthly meeting
  3. The day when the building will be inaugurated will be decided on September 12.

New project in Tamil Nadu - presented by Mathimaran

  1. Immediate task involves repairing precarious condition of roof in the community center.
  2. Further work on filling out the project proposal form will be carried out by Mathimaran.
  3. FCRA stuff has to be sorted out.