Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: May 6, 2004
Venue: Cafeteria Polyterrasse

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : Vikas, Vishwa, Chidu, Santosh.

Akshardeep review
The six monthly report received from Mrs. Bapat and the site visit report from Guru of Asha Pune was discussed. The following points were made:

  1. Expense statement was discussed. Specific clarifications will be sought.
  2. The dates of the various events needs to be reported.
  3. We expect a better financial statement.
  4. The relationship of the paragraph on the Renuka Devi school with the overall report is not clear.
  5. Asha Zurich will not pay for the installation of Ambedkar statue.
  6. Rent for school premises: paying back rent is not a good idea. If the rent is reasonable then we do not have problems paying for the rent in the future.
  7. For the next installment, do we send the money for 8 or 10 schools.
  8. The project should get the parents interested and involved. Can we explore ways to achieve this? Can the extra money left out from the first installment be used, for example, for: giving the kids some packaged food two times a week, or milk, T-Shirts as uniforms, story books, regular medical check ups etc.
  9. Possibility of the 9th class.

Dhule review

  1. It was felt that a site visit to the project by a Asha Zurich volunteer would be ideal. Chidu will send email to all the India related yahoogroups to see if there would be any volunteers to do this. If not then somebody from Asha Mumbai can be asked to do a targeted site visit. That volunteer will have to go through all the accumulated documents and will be given a check list of things to look for. Chidu knows some volunteers of Asha Mumbai and will find out the possibility.
  2. The vision of the project was felt to be weak. It was felt that the dependence on NGOs should be consciously reduced with time through empowerment. Does Vishwamandal Sevashram have any such model?
  3. To answer the above question, it was felt that it is important to know how the situation has changed in the Shirpur area over the last 12 years of intervention, in terms of development, local involvement, and taking up of responsibilities by the locals.
  4. VS should be asked for copy of the charter of their organization.

Manavi Project - Jharkhand

  1. Santosh gave an update. A new project proposal (more focussed) has be received. Anuj is also working on this project.
  2. It was decided to continue to pursue this project. The next milestone would be a site visit by Santosh in July, 2004.

Parivaar Project - Kolkata
This project was approved for funding in the last meeting. The final details were discussed and the following points were made:

  1. Chidu will ask the current Asha President Netika Raval about routing the money through Asha Kashi.
  2. Vikas will contact Projit Chatterjee to see if we can find a group of people in Zurich willing to fund this project.
  3. Vikas will create a 'Memorandum of Understanding' to be signed by both parties before funding is sent.
  4. It was decided that we must act fast on this project.