Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: October 5, 2004
Venue: ETH HG

Minutes by: Arvind

India Week celebrations
Various organizational details of india week were discussed. The
following is the list of stalls to be organized for the exhibition on
Monday, 15 November

1. Travel - contact Kuldeep, ITTG, STA - Parminder, Nehan Maheshwari

2. Mehndi - Saikumar

3. Calligraphy - To be integrated with Asha exhibit and asha volunteers will do the calligraphy, volunteers needed

4. Rangoli - Neha Maheshwari tries with people she knows

5. Food - Saikumar suggested that in addition to selling food, an
exhibit on india spices, food can be organized- Saikumar, Santosh,

6. Puppet show - Parminder checks with Preeti Molasi

7. Saree - A demo of draping a saree - Neha Maheshwari

8. Indian Art - Vishwa, Chidu contact Museum Rietberg

9. Dance - Zeena tries with Dipti while Vishwa contacts Ms. Rao
from Baden

10. Music - Chidu tries to talk to the instrument shop for exhibits

11. Astrology - Chidu ?

12. Asha - Sajeed said he can arrange for an exhibit. Also Santosh
and Bikram will look at how to exhibit Asha

13. Planning - Vishwa, Greg, Santosh, Chidu

14. Accounting - Santosh, Kavita Roongta

Notes of Hope 2005

1.Answers on sponsorship attempts have to reach Vishwa by the end
of October. This deadline has been moved since we havent heard much
from the volunteers.

2. Santosh gave an update of the efforts. We have promises upto
abut CHF 2000.00

3. Parminder will contact Novartis, Bluewin, Kiosk

VA update

1. On 2nd October, the building has been opened - A function was
organized which was attended by Asha Kolkatta volunteers. A detailed
report has been sent to saikumar, which will be posted.

2. A function has been planned to invite someone from the ashram.
This opening on the 2nd of october was due to some pushing from Asha

3. By the end of this month, Saikumar will have a report on this
project and will also make a presentation.

Organizational details

1. Vishwa will serve as the central repository of all publicity
material. All members are requested to hand over the material that they have. In the future if anyone needs stuff, contact Vishwa.

2. CAYH has dropped. Neha goyal shall start looking into this soon

3. Posting of Zuriodhay and Annual report is still pending.