Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: August 3, 2004
Venue: ETH HG F33.5

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : Kavitha, Santosh, Chidu, Priyanka, Sathya, Arvind, Gregory, Saikumar, Vikas, Shyam, Anuj, Neha.

New volunteer packet

  1. It was decided that every new volunteer will be assigned a 'buddy', who will help the new volunteer understand the goals, values, and working of Asha Zurich.
  2. Sathya will send some material to Gregory on introduction to Asha.
  3. Pramod and Neha Maheshwari can help in creating specific material.
  4. Kavitha and Gregory will be in charge of producing this packet.
  5. Gregory will prepare a Organization chart (internet based) that is hyperlinked, so that each task can be explained properly.

Asha Desk

  1. As discussed in the GBM, it was mentioned that we have to take setting up Asha Desk seriously.
  2. Priyanka will step up efforts in this regard.

Asha FAQ update

  1. Kavitha and Neha will send in their comments about possible unanswered questions in the current FAQ.


  1. It was decided that the clause for a surprise visit be dropped at the request of Mr. Lohani. He has promised that anybody can visit his office at any time and he will arrange for a visit to the children's home.
  2. The difference between Asha India and Asha Kashi has to be clarified. Chidu will talk to the Asha USA president Netika about this
  3. Sathya will clarify the modalities regarding the lack of FCRA for Parivaar with Deepak Gupta of Asha India
  4. Chidu will contact Aditya Banerjee again regarding funding for the Parivaar project.

Manavi site visit report - Santosh

  1. Santosh believes that the organization does some work. They have receive money from the state government as part of the 'Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan' to build a residential school for girls. The government also gives them money for food for the children. However, they needed money for the infrastructure like beds, desks, etc.
  2. Santosh also met with a Mr. Balu Iyer from IDEX, USA (, which is funding Manavi.
  3. Santosh also reported about the brick factories where the tribal children work, but are paid a pittance and undernourished. They were only given onion and sattu (chana flour) for food. Prostitution is also present.
  4. Manavi does not explicitly ask for money for full time volunteers. However, they indirectly admit that some money is used for paying the full-time volunteers.
  5. The current school is supposed to a temporary arrangement to bring the children up to speed to be sent to another school under 'Saraswati something' programme. However, these schools are not yet ready.
  6. Overall the level at which Asha Zurich could participate was not clear.
  7. It was decided to reformulate a new plan again, but with a long term vision. This task is open ended and will be taken up by Anuj.

Dhule project

  1. Chidu has received the Statutes of Vishwamandal Seva Ashram and a copy of their FCRA clearance as requested in the last meeting.
  2. Fr. Godfrey will get back with a modified budget after taking a look at the old request since it is a long time since then.
  3. Chidu will create an MoU.
  4. Discussion to approve this project will be held at the next monthly meeting.
  5. Everybody is asked to read up all the material on the project.

Notes of Hope brochure

  1. Should be ready in two weeks time.