Asha Zurich Minutes


7th December, 2003


Café Zaehringer

Minutes by: Vikas
Attendees : Santosh, Sathya, Priyanka, Chidu, Arvind, Mukesh, Harish (Asha-Boston), Pramod, Vijay, Pijus, Shyam, Sai, Vikas.

Pandit HariPrasad Chaurasia concert


Vivekananda Ashram Project


Akshardeep Project


Saadow Project

·        Vijay is going to leave the project and Sathya will follow up the project. The project has been under review from Asha Colorado also. The concept of tuition center or crèche or secondary education center is not clear in the proposed project report. Also the extent of benefit to the children is difficult to evaluate.

·        Vijay in his personal opinion likes the project as the site visits and the previous records of the project incharge are positive.