Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: November 6, 2003
Venue: Cafeteria Polyterrasse

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : Anantha, Vishwa, Sathya, Vikas, Saikumar, Chidu, Pramod, Santosh, Vijay, Parminder, Nitesh

Ticket sales

  1. More pressure needs to be maintained for sales.

Asha visual publicity for the concert

  1. Pramod will collect pictures and caption them and put them up in the concert hall. Arrangement using easels or rope has to be found out.
  2. Around 30 photographs.
  3. Anurag will help Pramod in printing the photographs.

Press release material

  1. Resend the PR material to media a week before the concert - Vijay.
  2. Translate the PR into German - Priyanka.
  3. Contact Mr. Vijay Singh again for Tages Anzeiger - Chidu.


  1. Find out from HPC if he is bringing it.
  2. Inform Dr. Chandra Holm about it - Chidu.

Food stall - Ravi's

  1. A visit to the hall has to be arranged - Shyam.
  2. Ravi's needs to be told that this is a formal event and hence the appearance should be appropriate - Shyam.
  3. Ask Ravi's about food for Hariprasad Chaurasia - Shyam.

Ravi will send the task list he presented to everybody.

Pramod will make volunteer labels.


  1. Nitesh will book a van for transportation of the sound equipment.
  2. Nitesh and Sathya will use their cars to take care of the artists and will accompany them.
  3. Pramod's car will also be available if necessary.

Day of concert

  1. Brochures will be placed on the seats.
  2. If possible sound check will be performed with the artists at 16 hrs. Sound setup should be ready by 15 hrs.
  3. Dress code - formal, traditional (no sneakers, jeans, T-shirt)
  4. Priyanka will be compere.

Concert programme

  1. 18:00 - Welcome speech - 2 mins - Priyanka.
  2. ------- President's address - 5 mins - Sathya.
  3. ------- Artist introductions - 3 mins - Priyanka.
  4. 18:15 - Concert begins - doors close - rear door is controlled by ushers.
  5. Break for 20 minutes (to be fixed later).