Asha Zurich Minutes


20th December, 2003


ETH HG E 41.1

Minutes by: Vikas
Attendees : Santosh, Chidu, Priyanka, Sathya, Kavita, Gregory, Pramod, Vikas , Saikumar

Parivaar Project (Vikas)

It was felt that the project has good objectives, but the clear road map is missing. Apart from that the project suffers from a number of failure possibilities like lack of funds in between or lack of interest by the children themselves.

Vikas will further explore to have the answer of above concerns.

Saadow Project (Sathya)

The basic idea of the project was to provide support the children facing the harsh conditions in schools. It was felt that it was more important to try to create better environment at school with the help of village authorities rather than to start a new childcare center, so the project was rejected.

Build Project (Priyanka)

The project aims to help the children working in brick kilns for the six months of the year. Priyanka will look further into the project report and will try to establish the contacts with the project authorities.

The project has been getting funding from other organizations, so the authenticity of the need has to be established.

Kondh Project (Saikumar)

The project deals to impact the tribal children. Only initial information is so far available. Sai will work for getting the detailed information, project report and financial requirements.


Kavita offered help to audit the accounts.

It was also decided to have fixed meetings on every second Sundays of the month apart from other meetings.