Asha Zurich Minutes

Date: October 19, 2003
Venue: Cafe Zaehringer

Minutes by: Chidu
Attendees : Vijay, Santosh, Saikumar, Vikas, Vishwa, Sathya, Chidu, Arvind

Vivekananda Ashram

  1. Saikumar presented the current status of VA project. A revised budget has been received by AshaZ from VA which includes an increase from the original budget by around 80-90,000 rupees. Bills accounting for all the funds transferred in the first and second installments have not been received. Saikumar will upload the bills that he has received into 'Datastore'.
  2. To go further with VA, it was felt that we need to get an appraisal of the situation from a third party. All avenues are to be explored in this regard: (a) Establish contact with Asha Kolkata (Saikumar), (b) Use Parivar project contact and/or contact IIM-C (Vikas), (c) Sathya will try and visit VA during his India trip, (d) Santosh will talk to his friend in Kolkata. AshaZ is ready to pay the expenses incurred by the person making site visit.
  3. The revised budget was felt to be inflated. Specific points of departure have been identified by Saikumar. Saikumar will raise these specific issues with VA (eg. cement bags, white wash etc.)


  1. Vishwa and Santosh will send the first installment to Akshardeep (approximately half the total requested amount)
  2. Vishwa will call up Mrs. Bapat and establish personal contact.

Hariprasad Chaurasia Concert

  1. Brochure: Arvind and Santosh have contacted a printer. The brochure content should be ready for printing by the end of October. 400 copies of the brochure are to be printed. Arvind presented the structure of the brochure. Articles are expected from - Chidu, Sathya, Vikas, Saikumar, Vishwa.
  2. Sponsors: Santosh will make a list of which sponsors have paid the money and which have not.
  3. Rietberg: need 1600 copies on A4 having 2 A5 posters by Friday, October 24.
  4. A0 poster at ETH Polyterrasse - Arvind and Chidu. ETH Event calender - Chidu.
  5. Ticket sales: Completed transactions are too few. Full pressure has to be applied now!!!!
  6. Restaurants have to be given a poster each. Shyam(?)
  7. New event account with UBS: Sathya will give details to Chidu.
  8. Hochschule Musik: Chidu and Koushik will look into sound requirements. and also discuss about food stall and kinder krippe.