Chapter Coordinator Responsibilities:

1. Be present on asha-chapcoords list and convey any chapter
pertaining information back to the chapter and vice versa.
2. Be in touch with the happenings of the chapter and always in a

position to talk about the chapter's projects, events, funding, etc.

3. Respond to queries (you will get some of these from folks who look
up Asha Austin from the webpage) in a timely manner

4. You are the backup for the projects coordinator, treasurer,
webmaster, etc. Learn about each of their roles and work with them so
you can chip in anytime they are unable to.
5. Coordinate with the projects coordinator and the fundraising
coordinator to ensure healthy disbursement ratio and at the same time
a growing fundraising.
6. Be on the lookout for events and activities at an ash wide level
that volunteers can participate in. As an example, learn about
non-monetary efforts of other Asha chapters in the field of education
e.g. RTE, RTI and bring discussions that help the chapter grow as a
7. Encourage all volunteers to play as much of a role that they can,
find small tasks for each person to do newsletters or TMIA (This Month
In Asha), learn about a project, manage the website, send out meeting
announcements, outreach to new people, organize events, etc.
8. Attend ash wide coordination calls at least once a month and
carefully read through the minutes of each call to understand latest
happenings in Asha.